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Dear Aqua Clients,

As a salon, we’ve decided to officially open our doors on July 1st

We are so happy to welcome you all back! As you
might have learned, new regulations and requirements have been set in place by the State and the county that we must abide by. This means that while we are back in business, it isn’t quite business as usual. We wanted to inform you of the temporary changes we will be making, and the requirements we will have for each appointment until
further notice. Please know, we value you and your business, and sincerely appreciate your cooperation, flexibility and understanding while we navigate through these challenging times. As we move forward, we may make changes to these rules and regulations as needed.
What you can expect from us at Aqua: We, as a Salon, are working together to keep up with social distancing standards which means that our availability
will not be as open as usual. We will be unable to double book appointments and will have to remain under the social gathering limit. We will do our best to get you in for your appointment in a timely manner but please keep this in mind.


• Due to regulations, we will not be able to offer tea or coffee service.
• We also will be unable to provide magazines, so you may want to bring your own reading material.
• We will be providing drapes for every appointment but not masks or gloves.
• Stylists will wear protective equipment (masks, gloves, etc.) during the entirety of your appointment.
• All stations will be thoroughly disinfected and wiped down in-between each appointment.
• Each and every Stylist working will have their temperature checked at the start of their shift.
• We will have hand sanitizer at reception for you to use.
What we expect from our clients:
• Do not come if you are sick or showing symptoms. We will gladly reschedule you if this is the case.
Note that we will be using a touchless thermometer for every appointment.
• Keep the amount of personal items you bring to a minimum.
• Bring your own over-the-ear mask. You will be asked to reschedule if you do not have one or you can
purchase one for $3.
• Only the client with the appointment will be allowed to enter the salon. (No extra guests permitted).

• No early arrivals. For the time being, we no longer have a waiting area. Upon early arrival, do check-
in with the receptionist at the salon entrance and then kindly return to your car and we will text/call you

when we are ready to take you.
• Before entering the salon please wait outside the glass door until one of us is able to greet you and
let you in.
• Due to the mask requirement, blow dry’s will be at the discretion of the Stylist.
• At the time of your appointment, we will require you to fill out and sign a COVID-19 release form.
Welcome back and thank you for all of your support! If you have any questions or concerns, please call us
at (650)560- 8449.

Aqua Beauty Lounge

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